Experts in Drivetrain, Vibrations and Acoustics in Marine Technology

A leading player in the field of marine drive technology, specializing in marine propulsion and generator systems. Components of VULKAN's marine drive technology can be found in a wide variety of ship types and generator applications all over the world: Highly flexible couplings, cardan shaft couplings or other drive components are used here.

Torsional vibration calculation and acoustics
The use of flexible couplings on diesel engines requires a sophisticated combination of torque transmission, misalignment compensation and torsional vibration damping. This vibration occurs in the diesel engine and propeller. Without vibration damping the drive system would be damaged severely.

Reliable system solutions
Whether it's a comfortable passenger ship or a high-performance workboat, VULKAN meets the special requirements of the various marine applications with reliable solutions that are perfectly matched to the system environment.

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