To see a summary of the part numbers under each section please follow this link or use the search facility in the header/footer to check that the part you’re looking for is carried by us.:

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Hamworthy Compressors
2MF6 2MF64 2SF3 2SF34 2SF4 2SF42
2TF5 2TF542TM6 2TM61 2TM62 2TM63 V200 V250

Hamworthy Pumps
5x3V 5x4V B5x3VP B5x4VM B8x6VM
DB10x10V DB10x10VM DB16x16V DB24x24V

We also supply many parts for Oily Water separators, Sewage treatment units and associated oil free compressors.

Oily Water Separators
HS1 HS2.5 HS5

Sewage Treatment Unit
ST1 ST4 ST6 ST8 ST10 ST15 ST20 ST25 ST30

STU Associated compressors
DLT6 DLT15 DLT25 DLT40 R17 R25 R40
0822-P702H-R80 0822-P706H-R80
1022-P702H-ER80 3040-P118

Sperre Compressors
LL2/77 LL2/90 LL2/105 LL2/120 LL2/140 LL2/160
HLH/119 HLF2/77 HL2/90 HL2/105 HL2/120
HL2/140 HL2/160 HV1/85 HV1/120 HV1/140
HV1/156 HV2/200 HV2/210 HV2/219 HV2/220
HV2/240, HV2/270, HV2/285, HV2/300